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Disrupting the mobile game industry by merging Augmented Open World with Real-time Strategy

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Explore the Earth-size augmented open world, challenge other players in fierce PvP battles
and manipulate you virtual surroundings with CGO tokens!

Explore. Build. Conquer.

Clash & GO combines a geolocation game in augmented reality (AR), and a city-building strategy game with real-time battles.

Augmented Reality

AR brings new and fresh experience, and dramatically changes the way we play mobile games. An ordinary walk in the park turns into a fierce struggle for survival and resources!

Cross-Genre Gameplay

Clash & GO offers a sophisticated yet easy-to-access fusion of genres, eliminating their down sides while blending familiar mechanics with top-notch technology.Dive into an infinite world of endless possibilities and rich AR gameplay!

Ever-Changing Dynamic World

The fusion of Blockchain and AR enables players to transform and manipulate their virtual surroundings. Whenever you open Clash & Go, you don't know what surprises the dynamic, ever-changing world will bring!

Why Blockchain

Why we can't use a centralized database

Security is crucial for Clash & GO players, especially, for those who earn or buy CGO tokens and use them to manipulate their virtual surroundings in the game. Traditional centralized databases are controlled by a single entity, so they are unable to guarantee the transparency and security of transactions.

Why we need Blockchain
Blockchain provides transparency, security and immutability:
  • CGO tokens are like a superpower that allows you to manipulate the Clash & GO augmented world, making it different for other players as well. Such a power should not be used irresponsibly. Everyday we create report, which includes: distribution of tokens on in-game wallets, tokens transactions inside the game, received revenue to be spend for burning tokens, token sales on the in-game auction, etc. The report will be stored internally. We store the hash of this report in blockchain. This makes the token transactions inside the game transparent and ready for third-party audit.
  • Since a blockchain token is a based on money, it is is the most adequate tool for balancing the changes in the world of Clash & GO augmented reality.
  • Ethereum smart contracts guarantee that the number of tokens from delayed emission for the in-game auction will not be altered.

Why Might CGO token price grow?


15% of revenue is spent on buying CGO on exchanges

Change the world

Players can use tokens to transform and manipulate their virtual surroundings.


Players buy and keep their tokens for in-game purposes. More tokens you have, the more powerful you are.


These CGO tokens are burned on a daily basis

Private Presale And Public Sale Bonus Structure

Stage Sale limits Token price Bonus
Private Presale - $3.00 30%
Public Sale 1 0 - 4 000 000 tokens $3.00 20%
Public Sale 2 4 000 000 - 6 000 000 tokens $3.00 15%
Public Sale 3 6 000 000 - 8 000 000 tokens $3.00 10%
Public Sale 4 8 000 000 - 10 000 000 tokens $3.00 0%


Private Presale ICO Slow emission for in-game Auction Advisors Bounty, marketing Company service fund

Collected Funds

User acquisition, PR and marketing New features and updates development Servers and network infrastructure Offline events and activities for games Game support Other costs

Success Story

Elyland is an established game development company with a strong track record, uniting over 100 professionals into a decade-long success story. Over 77 million users trust and enjoy our products worldwide.

More than 1 000 000 players

More than 65 570 000 players

More than 9 900 000 players

More than 527 000 players

More than 200 000 players

Almost 75 000 players


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Our Team

The talent behind the project

Andriy Semenyuk


Andriy is the founding father of Elyland. He is a passionate visionary and an innovator with 22 years of experience in business and game development. In 2007 Andriy founded Elyland and put all his expertise into each stage of the company building process. Elyland’s first game My Lands was a huge success with more than 9,900,000 players worldwide and was awarded the best browser-based game of 2010 and 2011 by the international conference of online games developers #ConfOG. Andriy’s persistence and guidance allowed Elyland to become one of the leading game development companies in the region with 6 projects boasting 77 million players.

Andriy Semenyuk


Bohdan Repekh

Executive Director

Bohdan is an industry expert with 15 years of experience in game development in various positions (CEO, Producer, Project Manager, Game Designer). Throughout his exceptional carrer Bohdan and the teams he worked with released over 30 game projects. Bohdan has a strong grasp of the industry and has an in-depth understanding of the crypto business requirements, which enables him to make sound executive decisions for each project he works on.

Bohdan Repekh

Executive Director

Alex Sakhnevych

Chief Technology Officer

Alex is a high-level full stack developer and blockchain aficionado with 8 years of experience in IT. He has been an active member of the crypto community for a few years and now he shares his highly valuable expertise with Elyland team. Alex is a diligent Chief Technology Officer who sets the technical strategy and conceptualizes how blockchain technology is to be used in the company’s products.

Alex Sakhnevych

Chief Technology Officer

Jalal Fattouh

Chief Strategy Officer

Jalal has a diverse background in game development, strategic planning and creative problem solving. Cybersports is also one of his passions: Jalal won prizes in Dota 2 and League of Legends tournaments. His accumulated experience and passion for blockchain makes him the best person possible to lead the project strategy. In Elyland, Jalal evaluates, presents, manages, and executes strategic initiatives and market opportunities that best support the company’s short-term and long-term strategies.

Jalal Fattouh

Chief Strategy Officer


Meet the top industry specialists that support us

Romanas Ramanauskas

Blockchain and AR Advisor

Romanas is technology entrepreneur with executive track in global high-tech industries and experience in managing VC and private investments. He's currently focused on investors relations and acceleration for early-stage technology startups with disruptive innovation potential. Romanas is blockchain enthusiast and public speaker.

Romanas Ramanauskas

Blockchain and AR Advisor

Michael Kim

Gaming Advisor

Michael has worked in multinational game and IT companies like Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Blizzard, Wargaming and Havok.
He successfully took various responsibilities in marketing, sales, business development and management position for more than 18 years.
In 2017, he established private company named CoinInside to enter cryptocurrency industry.

Michael Kim

Gaming Advisor

Jens Kroeger

ICO and Marketing Advisor

Jens Kroeger works as a Senior Consultant for Cassini Consulting - an award-winning management and strategy consultancy in Germany. He is primarily engaged in scaling the agile transformation and disruptive cross-sectional technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts. As an entrepreneur by heart, he runs a performance marketing company and provides over 20 years of experience in IT projects.

Jens Kroeger

ICO and Marketing Advisor

Caterina Ferrara

Blockchain Advisor

Caterina Ferrara is CEO and Founder at NEURALIA - Global research Connections, founder at "Blockchain Ladies", an international community born to connect all the women involved in the field: professionals, hackers, developers, cryptotraders, entrepreneurs, investors, all the supporters of this new disruptive technology.
As Digital Health Expert she is mainly focused on the application of Blockchain Technology to Healthcare and Biomedical Research. Her personal commitment is to bring Blockchain into every potential field of action.

Caterina Ferrara

Blockchain Advisor

Jillian Godsil

PR Advisor

Jillian has held senior positions with global PR companies in Sydney, Singapore, London and Dublin. She changed the law in Ireland in 2014 and is a former European Parliamentary candidate. She is a freelance journalist and has her own radio show on DublinCityFM. She is advisor to a number of ICOs, has been named a Crypto Queen by In Zero Conferences as well as listed in the 50 most influential women in the global blockchain rollcall.

Jillian Godsil

PR Advisor

Bogdan Fiedur

ICO and Blockchain Advisor

Bogdan is an influential blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, investor, entrepreneur and a frequent speaker at high-profile blockchain-themed events. He is currently advising many promising startups, is a co-Founder of bitJob and President of With a BS degree in Computer Science from University of Manitoba, Bogdan has over 20 years of IT experience and has acquired intimate knowledge with inner-workings of ICO development from conception to execution, and has deep understanding of current Blockchain industry.

Bogdan Fiedur

ICO and Blockchain Advisor

Morten Christensen

ICO Advisor

Morten recently retired as a professional poker player to pursue the opportunities of crypto currency as a Blockchain entrepreneur. He has been involved in crypto since early 2013, with trading, mining and start –ups.
Mid 2017 Morten founded, one of the biggest Airdrop services nowadays. He has worked closely with 30 ICO’s from the pre-sale stages only during his first year.

Morten Christensen

ICO Advisor

Krzysztof Wozniak

Gaming and Social Media Advisor

Krzysztof is a well known YouTube personality based in Poland. His channel has been mainly focused on AR games, which attracted millions of viewers. In 2018, with over 200,000 people subscribed to watch his content on daily basis, he became the most popular AR gaming content creator in the country.

Krzysztof Wozniak

Gaming and Social Media Advisor

Bruno Vermeeren

Blockchain and Marketing Advisor

Bruno is a successful serial entrepreneur and early adopter. He has been involved in several successful business ventures. With relentless high standards for himself and others, he is driven by a deeply-held and intense internal vision that he doesn't sway from. Loyal and dedicated to people who share their vision and work ethic he embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of creativity and optimism.

Bruno Vermeeren

Blockchain and Marketing Advisor

Arvind Upadhyay

Blockchain Advisor

Arvind Upadhyay is an entrepreneur and angel investor who has previously co-founded several successful companies such as Whow Games, 3LuckyGuys, Blue Terra Ventures, Glück Games, and Anchor Point Marketing. In the DLT industry, he has been an advisor to several successful projects such as,, and IntenseCoin. Other companies where Arvind held an active role in the past are: Microsoft, Plinga, LeROI Marketing.

Arvind Upadhyay

Blockchain Advisor

Graham Doggart

ICO Advisor

Graham is a lead strategist at Dynamic Abundance, a Blockchain and Fintech Advisor since 2012. He specializes in structuring and packaging of token offerings. Graham has worked with numerous blockchain, cryptocurrency and ICO projects internationally.For more than 20 years he has been providing tech management consultation, legal and financial compliance advice, growth strategies and investor relations.

Graham Doggart

ICO Advisor

Expert rating






Hype: High



Our Partners

Companies that support and help us build Clash & Go

Road Map

Track our way to the top

  • 2007

    Foundation of Elyland

  • 2010-2017

    6 successful projects released

  • 2017

    Creation of the AR platform

  • 2017 / January

    Clash & GO development start

  • 2017 / August

    Alpha version release

  • 2018 / April

    Website launch with full ICO documentation

  • 2018 / August 20

    Clash & GO Release

  • 2018 / August 20 - November 20

    Private Presale

  • 2018 / September

    Game update: GO-map editor

  • 2018 / November

    Game update: clan wars

  • 2018 / December

    Game update: parallel universes

  • 2018-2019 / December 12 - January 12

    Public Token Sale

  • 2019 / Late January

    Going public on Exchanges

  • 2019 / February

    Game update: new levels for units and buildings

  • 2019 / June

    Game update: new resource type, new types of buildings and units

  • 2019 / September

    Game update: new galaxy


Clash & GO is a mobile game that uses blockchain technology and combines a geolocation game in augmented reality (AR), and a city-building strategy game featuring real-time battles. By means of the CGO token, players will be able to manipulate the fusion of the virtual world with the real one.

Players need CGO tokens in order to change the virtual world. Based on the amount of tokens they possess, players can move a geoobject. However, the decision to move such an object is made by general voting. The number, of tokens a player possesses, affects how often that player can vote. The tokens will not be spent, and will remain in the crypto wallets of the voting participants.

We need to raise money for user acquisition. For an MMO launch to be successful, especially one based on Augmented Reality, is must acquire millions of players. Without a strong player base, there would be no user interaction, and all of the cool features would be useless.

The more players we attract, the higher virality we get, which means our average Customer Acquisition Cost will be lower.

The Private Presale stage softcap is $ 500.000.

The Private Presale stage hardcap is $ 25,000,000.

Total amount of tokens to be sold is 10 000 000.

If we don't reach the Private Presale softcap, we will return all the funds and stop the ICO campaign.

If we don't reach the hardcap, we will launch the product as planned.

In reality, the caps will not hold us back from launching Clash & GO. The product is ready. Our company has already participated considerably in it and there is no reason for us not to launch it.

1. We are a risk free ICO. Our company has a 10-years success story in game development. We know how to create products and how to launch them.

2. Our product is almost ready and will be launched in summer 2018 regardless of whether we reach the softcap or not.

3. We’ll be implementing lots of mechanics for token growth including spending 15% of revenue on buying and burning tokens, so that players are highly motivated to buy tokens and keep them inside the game.

4. We’ll be disrupting the mobile game industry by merging AR and Strategy genre. We have created the first AR geolocation strategy where players can manipulate the augmented reality that surrounds them.

5. Our players can earn cryptocurrency within the game (buy tokens for hard currency in the in-game auction).

We'll be holding a Private Presale. The bonus during the Private Presale depends on the amount of tokens you wish to buy.

The ICO stages and Token price:

- during the Private Presale, the price is 3 US dollars for token. Bonus is 30% of the purchase in tokens;

- during the 1st stage, the price is 3 US dollars for token. Bonus is 20% of the purchase in tokens. Sale limit is 0 - 4 000 000 tokens;

- during the 2nd stage, the price is 3 US dollars for token. Bonus is 15% of the purchase in tokens. Sale limit is 4 000 000 - 6 000 000 tokens;

- during the 3rd stage, the price is 3 US dollars for token. Bonus is 10% of the purchase in tokens. Sale limit is 6 000 000 - 8 000 000 tokens.

- during the 4th stage, the price is 3 US dollars for token. Sale limit is 8 000 000 - 10 000 000 tokens.

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